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Simple Postcard Generates High Returns

With no envelope to shield it or dense copy to weigh it down, the proud postcard bares it all, simply and efficiently. And you can mail them for about half the cost of an envelope and letter.

Using Tabs, Wafer Seals, and Glue Strips

Unenveloped letter-size mailpieces prepared for automation mailings must be secured (tabbed) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. Standards for tabbing are based on basis weight of paper stock used and the location of the folded or bound edge. As an alternative to tabs or wafer seals, the open edge of the length of the mailpiece may be continuously glued or spot glued. Continuous glue or spot glue is permissible with single-sheet self-mailers and postcards, and specific booklet designs.

Physical Standards for Postcards

Any postcard must be prepared from paper stock meeting the industry standard a basis weight of 75 pounds or greater, with none less than 71.25 pounds (measured weight for 500 25- by 38-inch sheets). The stock must be free from groundwood unless coated with a substance adding to the stock's ability to resist an applied bending force. A double postcard not prepared with all edges sealed must have the folded edge at the top or bottom, and the open edge parallel to the address must be secured with one tab (or other permitted closure) in the middle of the length. Pieces claimed at First-Class Mail automation card prices also must meet the standards in 1.2.

5 Tips for Standout Direct Mail Copy

With a direct marketing piece, your words have to be performing at their best. After all, you need to motivate your targets not only to read your compelling offer, but also to promptly respond to it.

What is a Good Response?

People new to direct mail often wonder what kind of response (expressed as a percent) they should strive for. Don’t be fooled. Percentages are useful for tracking results, but your ultimate goal should be a response that leaves you in the black financially, regardless of percentage. In short, a response that attains break-even is “good.” One that beats break-even is “great.”

First-Class Mail For Your Business

First-Class Mail® is a fast and affordable service for envelopes and packages weighing up to 13 oz with delivery in 3 days or less. It’s perfect for sending marketing materials, bills, and light merchandise to your customers.

Build a Customer Profile

Knowing your audience is the most important aspect of your direct marketing efforts. To grow your business, you need marketing leads lists that match the profiles of your current best customers.

Why Should Small Businesses Still Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Small businesses who send direct mail advertisements to their customers find this to be a highly effective marketing strategy. Where emails can be deleted immediately or never even looked at, people still head to their mailboxes daily. According to the United States Postal Service, 98 percent of people retrieve their mail daily, and 77 percent of people sort it immediately. This gives companies access to an audience who could potentially seek out their business right away.

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