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Nonprofit Standard Mail - Basic Standards

Organization Eligibility

Only organizations that meet the standards in Qualified Nonprofit Organizations, or Qualified Political Committees and State or Local Voting Registration Officials, and that have received specific authorization from the USPS may mail eligible matter at any Nonprofit Standard Mail price, including Nonprofit Enhanced Carrier Route prices.

Qualified Nonprofit Organizations


An organization described in below may be authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices if it is not organized for profit and none of its net income inures to the benefit of any private stockholder or individual.

Identification of Nonprofit Organization

All matter mailed at the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices must identify the authorized nonprofit organization. The name and return address of the authorized nonprofit organization must be either on the outside of the mailpiece or in a prominent location on the material being mailed. Pseudonyms or bogus names of persons or organizations may not be used. If the piece bears any name and return address, it must be that of the authorized nonprofit organization. A well-recognized alternative designation (e.g., “The March of Dimes”) or abbreviation (e.g., “AFL-CIO”) may be used rather than the full organization name.

Nonprofit Authorization—Application


An application on Form 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates, must be filed by an organization prior to being authorized to mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail prices. The applicant must indicate on Form 3624 the qualifying category of organization under which it seeks authorization.

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