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Postage Stamp Denominations

Postage stamps are available in the following denominations:

What is an indicia?

An Indicia is one of the most popular ways to indicate, on the mailing panel side of a mail piece, that the postage has been paid. The other two methods include stamps or metering, Indicias are especially useful for high volume mailings. An indicia is an imprinted designation on mail that denotes postage payment, permit number and mailing classification. It usually looks something like this and is printed directly on the mail piece:

U.S. Postage
City, ST
Permit No.

Permit Imprint (Indicia)

General Standards


A mailer may be authorized to mail material without affixing postage when payment is made at the time of mailing from a permit imprint advance deposit account established with USPS for that purpose. This payment method may be used for postage and extra service fees for Express Mail (electronic verification system "eVS" only), Priority Mail (including Critical Mail), First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Package Services, and Parcel Select. This method is not available for Periodicals and must not be used to pay postage on any mailpiece that is designed for reply purposes (except for permit reply mail under 507.10.0).

What is a mailing permit? Do I need to get my own permit for mass mailing and postage discounts?

A USPS mailing permit is permit assigned by a single post office for a single class of bulk mailing. It allows one to enjoy postal discounts for mass mailings. You probably don’t need one of your own and you can use Roadrunner Mailing Service's permit for FREE when we mail for you. In 2008 the cost for your own permit is $180 to register and $180 for the annual fee so the first year will cost you $360 and it really doesn’t make sense to get your own permit unless you do many mailings each year. If you’re considering your own permit, call one of our account executives first, we can probably save you some money.

Precanceled Stamps

Precanceled stamps are stamps meant specifically for bulk mailings. Using precanceled stamps on your mail is an easy way to get started with bulk mail. Many first-time mailers use precanceled stamps. Also, some mailers believe envelopes with stamps get noticed and opened before other pieces of mail. You can use that to your advantage by using precanceled stamps when sending bulk mailings.

What is Philately?

Philately is the collection and study of postage and imprinted stamps.

What is Stamp Collecting

"Stamp collecting" is the accumulation of material related to the payment of postage and the carriage of the mails. In addition to traditional postage stamps, many philatelists -- the fancy word for stamp collectors -- also collect covers, envelopes that carried mail. Some individuals also collect markings or labels applied to mail including postage meters. Others will even collect Christmas Seals, revenue stamps and other ephemera.

U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2014

Price increases expected to generate $2 billion in new revenue to improve financial situation

The United States Postal Service today announced proposed price changes, including an increase in the price of a First-Class Mail single-piece letter from 46 cents to 49 cents. The proposed changes, which would go into effect in January 2014, are intended to generate $2 billion in incremental annual revenue for the Postal Service.

Postal Service Adjusts Mailing Services Prices for 2012

roadrunner-mailing-forever-stampPenny Increase in Price of Forever Stamps First Since May 2009

Beginning early next year, it will cost just a penny more to mail letters to any location in the United States, the first price change for First-Class Mail stamps (Forever stamps) in more than two and a half years. The new 45-cent price for Forever stamps is among price changes filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission today.